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I'm testing your builder, and I want to purchase a plan and using my domain, is it possible?. Now I have a free subdomain.

Thank you
asked Oct 27, 2017 in Domains by sean (150 points)

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Hello Sean,

You can add your domain if you purchase a subscription. Once you have upgraded your account to any plan, you can use a domain. If you have a domain registered with an external registrar, you should change the domain nameservers with these:

ns1.webless.online (
ns2.webless.online (

More info on our Help Center:

Changing the nameservers means waiting about 24 hours of propagation.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about this.

Avatar answered Oct 27, 2017 by Support (460 points)
selected Oct 28, 2017 by sean

Ok, I will purchase a subscription.


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