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Added – Password protected pages (in page settings, implemented lightly)
Added – Downloadable photo gallery (in gallery settings only)
Changed – Parallax will not work on tablet
Fixed – External login now works with must register templates
Changed – The way /themes page is loading for performance
Fixed – hirez images mechanism causes PNG images with transparency to look bad
Fixed – The new themes page lost it’s predefined colors
Fixed – Translated sites can’t remove popups
Fixed – left side menu – title edit menu is behind the menu
Fixed – enter the thank you text of popup app breaks the popup (removed the option for popups – affects only new popups
Fixed – must register in theme selector zooms out the theme and takes time to load the form
Changed – Stripe store name in should appear in credit card charge
Changed – The appearence of the control panel
Changed – some wording throughout the editor
Fixed – Website style font size should be obsolete
Fixed – Redirecting to a specific template in /themes sometimes looks ugly
Fixed – Themes page icon change color according to background
Fixed – FF – maps style is not selectable
Fixed – FF – form submit settings is not editable

  • added website settings panel
  • added central website style functionality
  • added ltr/rtl direction support for text elements
  • added website background color and background image
  • added wide/narrow website option
  • added icon’s color changing functionality
  • added videos to media center
  • added sitemap to whitelabel home pages
  • added raw HTML element into static website
  • added ‘initial template’ to show_users
  • added license data to show_users
  • added BI params to users (source,campaignid,matchtype,keyword,gclid)
  • added the Bulgarian language
  • fixed Paypal period always showing yearly
  • fixed external payment showing custom price
  • fixed testing emails always send the same subject
  • fixed minified menus sometimes not center aligned
  • fixed side menu sometimes has padding
  • fixed add stripe menu hides the close button
  • fixed raw HTML loads with relative path
  • fixed rare issue for sites with no shortcodes
  • fixed cloning the home page sometimes clones the menu
  • fixed removing video from gallery should not ask if to remove entire item
  • fixed border color selector is not aligned
  • fixed themes thumbnails looks bad on first load
  • fixed initial-template in analytics
  • fixed window height doesn’t take stripe margins into consideration
  • fixed add stripe menu adjust height for more than 4 rows of thumbnails
  • fixed slideshow effect shows when swiping only one slide
  • fixed video with link displays half of the video
Avatar asked Aug 5, 2017 in Changelog by admin (140 points)
edited Aug 23, 2017 by admin

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