Why Webless?

Designing a website today is a easier task than a few years ago. There are many tools that facilitate our work in some measure. However, they aren't an all in one that gather all the factors that are needed to make our website useful and profitable.

Some of them are too complicated or they force you to use additional tools to have a finished product with a certain professionalism, and others one turn out to be real headaches for its later maintenance.

On the other hand, the most popular content managers like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. always require a maintenance and subsequent updates that make it difficult to manage your website. Many times they are very slow and insecure if they are not managed properly.

We think that Webless meets all the requirements to be not a builder anymore, but the perfect tool that avoids all the problems described above. We can resume the main advantages that we offer:

  1. Accessibility. Our pages are responsive, fully compatible with mobile devices.
  2. Easy template design. Designing templates for your website does not require any kind of technical knowledge. All is very intuitive. Through any web browser you can create a professional design with a little effort.
  3. Easy to upgrade. Content updates will be made very easy from the browser itself. Forget about complications with the php and the mysql version, etc. Here, this does not exist.
  4. Safe. We do not depend on problems that content managers always cause when security updates and patches come out continuously. Our web is safe from the first moment without doing nothing extra.
  5. Light. The code generated by our templates is clean and without lines of code that slow loading. In addition it is pure html, css and javascript. There are no databases, so the load is 75% faster than any content manager.
  6. SEO. Always thinking about achieving the best results in web positioning, we facilitate the self-management of your SEO settings with images optimization and custom urls, titles and descriptions.
  7. Professional Hosting. Your page will be hosted in the cloud, not in a dedicated server, with all the advantages that this means. You will also manage your hosting with cPanel, the number 1 solution in hosting management panels.
  8. Continuous development. Although it was born as a web editor of static and simple pages, we are always innovating to add new functionalities, such as the blog and ecommerce options that we will be debugging on successive dates.

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