Responsive Design

Responsive or adaptive web design, allows a correct visualization of your website regardless of the device we use.

Since some years, due to the proliferation of mobile devices with Internet access (smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.), the design of a web page should be developed including this technique that adapts your content to the resolution width of all devices, thus offering a better user browsing experience.

The advantages of responsive web development are many, we resume some of them:

  • There is no need to use a special version of our website to display it only on mobile devices. Before, in order to ensure that our contents were displayed correctly on a device that was not a desktop computer, we were forced to develop in parallel an additional design adapted to mobile devices. Now using a single design, we can achieve a perfect visualization in all of them-
  • Less time development when designing just one website for all devices. As we mentioned in the previous point, now it is not necessary to make a site for each device and each resolution. Our design now automatically adapts to the visitor's browser.
  • Improvements to search results on Google. Responsive websites are much more visible than sites that are not, which are penalized by this search engine. Starting in January 2017, Google also goes a step further and prioritizes the results of its search engine to websites designed for mobile on which are only for desktop version(Mac or PC desktop).

Our online web editor makes up web sites responsive, so your website will finally be compatible with any device, facilitating the development task. We do not use any third-party frameworks such as Bootstrap or Foundation that require extra efforts to get professional designs.

At any time in your web edition, you can see the results in real time by viewing your content in desktop, tablet or mobile mode. You can always access these functions in the main menu at the top right by hovering the mouse over the Preview option.